"Consortium to revolutionize urban mobility starts in Coimbra" in Portal Environment

Radically transform the urban mobility in Portugal is simultaneously the goal and challenge of the project "TICE.Mobilidade - Mobility System User Centered", led by researchers at the Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) and University of Coimbra (UC) and by the company Meticube-Information Systems, Communications and Multimedia. Focused on developing innovative technology products, low cost to the user, and environmentally friendly companies that claim in the world, TICE has a total budget of 6 million and is funded 80 percent by the National Strategic Reference Framework - NSRF.

In a scenario where mobility difficulties that citizens and businesses face in their day to day results in heavy losses, estimated at 100 billion euros at the European level, and that 40 percent of CO2 emissions and 70 per percent of emissions of other pollutants arising from road transport are, Carlos Bento, one of the project leaders, believes that it imposes "a holistic approach to the city, investing in innovative architecture of systems and mobility services that take advantage of large amounts of data available on the urban space, traffic conditions and vehicle situation, moment to moment. "

For the researcher, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra (FCTUC), the key project is the "creation of services that captivate the public for the use of public transport and so-called soft and complementary means of transportation (eg . on foot, by bicycle or by sharing electric vehicles). " For this, the transport must be attractive, "the systems must offer tangible benefits to ensure speed, safety and comfort for the psychological time of the trip is less than the physical time." And that can only be achieved "through personalized information services, available on vehicles in order to make the trip more enjoyable by the use of ubiquitous technologies and augmented reality with access to background information for the location where the vehicle is running and the majority Profile of users at each stage of the journey, "the professor argues.

This is the kind of technology that this project will develop. Within three years, provides TICE.Mobilidade to market 'products as diverse as mobility systems for autonomous vehicles, bike-sharing (through technology that allows, p. Ex., Location, reservation and payment in a simple, as well as blocking and location of the bicycle at any time and anywhere), contextual information within the vehicles, energy efficiency, route planning and transportation and generation of maps of urban activity in real time ', describes in a statement FCTUC .

The University of Coimbra and the Instituto Pedro Nunes Meticube are the leaders of a project that involves partnerships with the municipalities of Coimbra and Guimarães and with a wide range of technology companies and institutions such as the Metro do Porto, the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Automobile Industry (CEIA), the Institute of Telecommunications and Rail - Public Transport in Lisbon, among others.

The 46 project partners will meet this week-end in Coimbra to discuss the "state of the art" of mobility and share the best that the country develops in this area. The meeting takes place at the Instituto Pedro Nunes, where, on 28 and 29 January, the meeting will take place that includes a display technology (29), "where you can make a small circuit Cyber Car, meet AIDA - intelligent navigation system of the future, or view the traffic conditions in the city of Lisbon. "


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Date: 02-2011