semantic-dataThe SEMA's main goal is to add a semantic layer to a One Stop PPS Transport. Since the PPS1 makes all the data acquisition, the EMS functions available enrichment data to add value to all other PPS.

Thus, SEMA provides three gains:

- Addition of semantic data so that the remaining data SDPs may have more rich in information.

- Management of Primary selective Al, ie adaptation of the context data of the user so that information and services to be directed according to the user profile.

- A semantic layer for the data of PPS 1 for all other PPS may have semantic interoperability among all data.

At the end of the design intended to develop a pilot of a system that processes the data in a knowledge of the PPS important for vertical PPS. This system should be incorporated in mobile devices to allow the management of attention of the user or be integrated into a larger body of managed mobility information. Along with this driver, it is expected that companies involved in improving the technologies they use in their products and research centers and universities to progress this state of the art knowledge in these areas.