Bike Emotion

bikeemotion picturebikeemotion® aims to provide an open bike sharing system with an easy way of locking/unlocking and tracking bicycles.

bikeemotion® does not need racks or any special parking installations, so you can leave the bikes anywhere you want.

It makes full use of modern technology for locating, booking and payment, but it is as easy to use as your own bicycle.

Using the bikeemotion® mobile application or the bikeemotion® web portal you are able to locate a bike to start cycling.

In addition to the extensive bike sharing network, bikeemotion® is a system that provides you with useful and targeted information. It can suggest many interesting places and routes through a context-aware user interface.

bikeemotion® also allows you to check your travel habits, to invite your friends, to share your routes with your friends and to post them to social networks.

bikeemotion® provides a viable public transportation alternative which increases the urban mobility. We are helping you to be environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon footprint and improving the urban quality of life.