2staxInserted at the Pole of Competitiveness and Technology TICE.PT, the project mobilizes TICE.Mobilidade, which has a wide range of partners and copromotores (15 companies, 10 institutions and 10 R & D user entities) provides for the development of a marketing platform mobility Services designated "One.Stop.Transport" and the development of various products, processes or systems (PPS) mobility, which will be marketed on the platform, but with autonomous strategies.

The PPS "2STAX - Systems and Services Tax" provides for the generation of risk maps of road accidents, the automatic generation of driving profiles, notification to drivers in real time, the nearest and most dangerous areas of smart charging automobile insurance for the use (kilometers traveled, roads used, times of movement, etc..). Apart from INESC Porto, this PPS involves a set of partners of Excellence - Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, I2S - Computer Systems and Services, Computer Graphics Center, Pedro Nunes Institute and Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra.