EASY ACCESS Utilizadores TipoObjectives

EASY.ACCESS The ultimate goal is to promote inclusive mobility, to develop specific knowledge and practical application in the areas of accessibility and inclusive of information systems based on location. This project is framed in the anchor project TICE.MOBILIDADE (Mobility Systems User Centered), which aims to develop innovative technology products to improve the mobility of citizens in urban areas.

Some features

Creating a platform of access to information services and multimodal transport, combined with the various transport modes and operators, which will enable the planning of paths with multicriteria selection, particularly for people with special needs.

Any citizen can access through various interfaces EASY.ACCESS query information:

• easy.accessWEB - for use in desktop environment through a browser

• easy.accessMOBILE - for use in a mobile environment through a specific application

• easy.accessOUTDOOR - application of query and visualization environment for the public aimed at specific places of great affluence, such as hospitals, transport stations and stops. This application will have a touchscreen interface allowing quick and simple interaction with the system.

All interfaces are dependent on the platform EASY.ACCESS key component responsible for processing data - or easy.accessPLANNER trip planner. The easy.accessPLANNER will be a key part of any project, since it is linked to all the interfaces provided and allow the optimization of the movements of every citizen, using every available means of transport.


This project led by MediaPrimer, has the ProcessNet as a technology partner and the National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR) and the Agency for the Knowledge Society (UMIC) as partners focused on the assessment phases of user requirements, functional specification, validation of the functionality system and the respective tests.