onestoptransportThe "TICE.Mobilidade - Mobility System User Centered" aims to provide mobility services in the market focused on the user, using for such infrastructure converging Internet and thus to the availability of such solutions in the market.

The completion of the project involves developing a marketing platform for mobility services, called "One.Stop.Transport" in PPS # 1 and the development of mobility products and services in the other PSP's, which will be marketed on that platform, and also autonomous strategies.




The Platform

Digital platform for sharing information to the development of services for urban mobility.

The complementary sources of information processed on the platform enhances its value and is the engine of an eco-system for the development of mobility applications.

Is the aggregate of all other PSP's and a channel for promoting, and selling these solutions available to the public

The Mission

The mission of the project involves developing new services that make the network more efficient in urban mobility, through the results of their PSP's.

The ICT platform One.Stop.Transport provide standardized information to the level of representation, synchronized in time and space, an architecture publish / subscribe.

The first services will be supported in One.Stop.Transport generated in PPS's 3 to 10, as showcase the use and marketing strategy to attract new suppliers and users.